You dug this ground / Planted a seed of faith, it's growing now
I hear the rain of salvation sound / All around
I break the earth / Defying gravity and pushing dirt
You reach the heart of me with a new birth / Give me worth

I thank You / You're the heart of me / Oh, God of Truth
I thank You / These roots entangle round me / Affix my life to You / Affix my life to You

You fill the sky / Loose the clouds above and I'm baptized
The waters of Your love, Your love divine / Jesus Christ
You feed my soul / With blood and body and a story told
Of a holy tree, my life to enfold / Oh, made whole

God on high, Creator / Jesus Christ, my Savior / Spirit life living in me

I'm growing small / Soon my leaves will turn and gently fall
May I never spurn the heavenward call / Lord, be my all

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