All The Way Home

All the Way Home
Lord, oh Lord, guide us all the way home
Lord, protect us all the way home
Lord, sustain us all the way home
Lord, welcome us. Lord, we're comin' home

Oh, this way is rough
Steep and filled with sorrow, God, it's tough
May we know that You walk with us
And You are enough
Always enough

Lord, we're comin' home


You dug this ground / Planted a seed of faith, it's growing now
I hear the rain of salvation sound / All around
I break the earth / Defying gravity and pushing dirt
You reach the heart of me with a new birth / Give me worth

I thank You / You're the heart of me / Oh, God of Truth
I thank You / These roots entangle round me / Affix my life to You / Affix my life to You

You fill the sky / Loose the clouds above and I'm baptized
The waters of Your love, Your love divine / Jesus Christ
You feed my soul / With blood and body and a story told
Of a holy tree, my life to enfold / Oh, made whole

God on high, Creator / Jesus Christ, my Savior / Spirit life living in me

I'm growing small / Soon my leaves will turn and gently fall
May I never spurn the heavenward call / Lord, be my all

Come Awake

Come Awake
You are among us

Though the waters rise and flood our lives / You are among us
When the waters subside in the rhythm of the tide / You are among us / You are among us

Underneath and over everything, You are / Making beautiful from the suffering
Our hearts are torn and creation quakes / Let us turn to the glory
Come awake, oooh / Come awake, oooh

Though the mountains shake, waver this faith / You are among us
When all is calm, hear the mystical song / You are among us / You are among us

When the wind swirls 'round raising dust from the ground / You are among us
When life enters in to stir the stillness within / You are among us / You are among us

You are among us ...


We live a simple life / Of a simple love / Of a God who gives all good things
We live a simple life / Of a simple love / Of a God who gives all good things

You give hope / You give faith / You give yesterday, tomorrow and today
You give grace / You give love / You give the Spirit of Your Son, Jesus

We falter and we fall / Together through it all / In a land that is dry and thirsty
And when we reach the end / You'll be our present friend / And our tears will be drown in glory

Jesus love us / Jesus love us

The Old & The New

Welcome to a new site for my music! Check out Simple, a new EP recorded at a friend's home studio (Thanks, Micah!).  Rhythm of a Prayer is still available.  $3 album downloads.  Visit the album's page to view lyrics, listen, and purchase.  For the Kingdom!